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HuaHinProperty.com has developed and maintains an online property listing platform for use by property owners, agents, agencies, property developers, buyers, sellers and renters.

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  • as a registered user you will use the website for the sole purpose of posting property listings, receiving inquiries, and establishing contact with prospective customers
  • you will not use this website for spamming, unsolicited contact messages, intrusions, or any fraudulent or criminal activity
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  • any unauthorized or illegal activity on our website will result in termination of the account and banning of the IP address, and in the forfeiture of any listing or service fees already paid.
  • any illegal, fraudulent or criminal activity will be reported to appropriate authorities for further investigation
  • we will comply with lawful requests from authorities for release of documents and/or information

Opening and maintaining an account on this website is subject to our approval and is at our sole discretion. You agree that HuaHinProperty.com reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason. In the event that we terminate your account for non-punitive reasons you are entitled to a refund of prorated and/or unused listing or service fees already paid.

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You agree to not hold HuaHinProperty.com or its owners or staff or associates liable for any harm or losses that may result from your use of this website, including but not limited to website errors, network downtime or malicious network intrusions (including hacking, phishing, etc.). You agree that any liability shall be strictly limited to a prorated and/or unused amount of listing or service fees you may have already paid.

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